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Honkai Impact 3rd – About December Update Version 4.4.0

2020 has come and gone. The developers of Honkai Impact 3rd, however, made sure to make the most of the last two months by rolling out update 4.4.0. This update is a surprising one because prior to this, the devs just released update 4.3.0 back in October 2020.

The release of update 4.4.0 just two months after the previous one indicates that the devs are continually pouring in new content and improving the fameplay of the title. But what does update 4.4.0 have in store for Honkai Impact 3rd players? Let us take a closer look.

New Battlesuit, Weapons, Stigmata, Events & Story Chapters

In terms of content, update 4.4.0 has provided players with a chock full of goodies to ring in the new year. This includes a brand new battlesuit for Durandal – the Dea Anchora. This S-rank battlesuit is a BIO melee battlesuit that unleashes immense fire damage to enemies whenever Durandal swings her trusty lance or decides to let her fists do the talking.

Dea Anchora is an alternate form called Astral Harness that can be activated. In this alternate form, Durandal’s damage output is greatly increased and she has the ability to cast her Ultimate skill multiple times to eliminate targets with relative ease.

honkai impact 3rd december update

Image Source: Arata Aditya

Additionally, the Hyperion Arsenal will have a slew of new weapons and stigmata sets for players to unlock. This includes the Sagittarius Astra, Starlance Prime, and Endothermic Lance VF for the weapons, while Stigmata sets have the Shakespeare: Adrift T, M, and B options.

Since 4.4.0 is released during the holidays, there will be holiday-themed events that players can take part in. A new featured event called Stellar Mythos allows participating players to have a chance to unlock Danzai Spectramancer’s Orochi Cuirass outfit.

Story-wise, update 4.4.0 will have the latest chapter, Story Chapter XXI: Wings of Reawakening available for players to experience. Players will discover what the Wings of Reawakening have brought along with it since there is a strange animosity filling the air as of late. Those who complete the story chapter will earn the four-star Stigma Fu Hua: Onyx Simurgh B, as well as a Focused Supply Card.

Battlesuit Adjustments & Optimizations

Update 4.4.0 also sees a good number of battlesuit adjustments and optimizations to improve handling and overall gameplay. In addition, the update fixed some in-game weapon interaction and synergy issues for some popular armor. For instance, an ongoing issue where stigma affixed an increased max SP that affected the initial SP for all battlesuits. As such, update 4.4.0 has successfully fixed it.

Apart from gameplay-related issues, these fixes are mostly centered around visual FX adjustments so that each battlesuit is more fluid. The following battlesuits have been tweaked:

  • Danzai Spectramancer
  • Fallen Rosemary
  • All Rita Battlesuits
  • Herrscher of Reason
  • Herrscher of the Void
  • Bright Knight: Excelsis
  • Darkbolt Jonin
  • Shadow Knight
  • All Himeko, Durandal, Fu Hua Battlesuits

Quality of Life Tweaks & Improvements

Aside from in-game battlesuit updates, update 4.4.0 also puts in some much needed quality of life improvements in the game. First, the overall navigation of the in-game menu is now smoother and more responsive compared to the previous patches. This is due to the optimization of animations and other assets to minimize loading times in between windows or menus.

Moreover, improvements are also made on equipment, weapon, inventory, achievement, and other interactive screens to make navigating through them a better experience. The update also reduced its clunky handling that previous patches were not able to address.

honkai impact 3rd battlesuit update

Image Source: Honkai 3rd Guy

Choosing equipment and consuming items in the inventory are smoother now, thanks to the addition of a slider. This makes it easier for players to navigate through their inventory and pick the correct items to use. Overflowing items now have the Maxed Out mark to denote that they have reached their limit in the inventory.

These changes, alongside the new content, make Honkai Impact 3rd’s update 4.4.0 a welcome addition to the game. The new events and story chapter are sure to keep players busy. There’s a lot of work needed to acquire all the new weapons, battlesuits, stigmata, and unfold the next chapter. Make sure to update your game as soon as you can so that you can experience all the neat stuff that version update 4.4.0 has in store!