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Honkai Impact 3rd: The Mighty Dea Anchora Battlesuit

Honkai Impact 3rd is one of the greatest action-RPG games developed by MiHoYo Limited. It features beautiful 3D anime graphics along with stunning and flashy gameplay. The real-time RPG incorporated base-building elements, a compelling storyline, and engaging PVP modes. It has everything you need in an online role-playing game. They even added a gacha mechanic for a more thrilling experience. The controls are also simple enough to get familiar with. You won’t have a hard time learning how to play this awesome title.

You can choose up to 13 valkyries with 58 battlesuit variations. Each suit has its own design, skills, move-sets, strengths, and weaknesses. You can take three valkyries with a chosen battlesuit on the field. Honkai Impact 3rd has been a huge success since its initial release and has released multiple updates. The story keeps expanding as well as the features of the game. In fact, one of the most anticipated upcoming releases is the new battlesuit for Durandal– the Dea Anchora.

The Formidable Valkyrie Durandal

Durandal is a high-ranking officer in Schicksal– one of the earliest organizations to fight the Houkai. She is also the captain of the Immortal Blades, and an S-Rank Valkyrie. Considered to be the strongest Valkyrie in the organization, she rose through the ranks by sheer hard work. She wields the formidable Black Abyss White Flower. A mighty God Key capable of deconstructing a target inside-out. It can also provide recovery for living creatures. It’s an iconic weapon that was once wielded by the former top Valkyries of Schicksal.

Honkai Impact 3rd PC Update

Her mature personality shows that she is serious about her position as a high-ranking officer in Schicksal. She can be compassionate at times, often resonating with characters that have a strong sense to protect their loved ones. Her main story begins in the middle of Chapter 9. She intervened in the fight between Fu Hua and Rita where the latter was about to march into the battlefield. She made her debut as Valkyrie Gloria on the game’s version 3.8 update. Her alternate battlesuit Bright Knight: Excelsis was released during the 3.9 update.

The Mighty S-Rank Dea Anchora Battlesuit

Following the two current suits for Durandal, Honkai Impact 3rd is developing her third battlesuit, Dea Anchora. It’s an S-Rank Bio Battlesuit that deals melee fire damage. Its golden suit of armor with streaks of blue and white colors. It veered away from the conventional look of Durandal’s battlesuits by incorporating the transformation concepts of “Japanese Tokusatsu”. If you need a visual example, you only need to look at the classics such as the Power Rangers franchise and the Kamen Rider series.

Other than its appearance, Dea Anchora also introduces new move-sets and flashy skills that will surely attract new and veteran players of Honkai Impact 3rd. Her basic attacks are a combination of unarmed combat and lance arts. The damage it inflicts is a combination of Physical damage, Fire damage, and SP Restoration. She also has a plethora of new devastating skills that we listed below:

Honkai Impact 3rd PC Durandal


  • Astral Forge – An ultimate technique that lets Durandal dawn the golden armor of Dea Anchora called Astral Harness.
  • Pegasus The Fleet  – An evade technique that triggers Time Fracture as well as a chained special attack.
  • Astral Flares – her multi-hit ultimate attack that deals fire damage.
  • Astral Flares EX – A devastating version of the previous skill that can only be activated after donning the Astral Harness.

Players can expect to have a breathtaking experience when they use Durandal’s Dea Anchora battlesuit. And for gamers new to the title, now is the time to play Honkai Impact 3rd! In fact, there’s an on-going event to celebrate its release. The Battlesuit event Durandal’s Pilgrimage is live from December 10 to 25, 2020.  Players who participate can earn Crystals, Ancient Willpower, and Asterite! You can expect more details about the event if you log in now!

Entering The Fight Against the Houkai

Durandal’s Dea Anchora suit will debut in the game’s version 4.4 update. There is no exact date to when the update will go live, but you can be sure that it’ll include more explosive content apart from this one. In fact, there are other notable Valkyrie battle suits in the game. You can test out Raiden Mei’s lightning-fast moves or the devastating strengths of Rita Rossweisse’s Fallen Rosemary.

You wouldn’t want to miss all the action in Honkai Impact 3rd. So do yourself a favor and play the game on PC now! You’ll get access to unblocked and enhanced full-screen graphics. You will also enjoy customizable keymaps for a smoother gameplay experience. Our free-to-play version of the game is also optimized to run even on low-specs gaming rigs! So join the fight against the Houkai! Play one of the most action-packed RPG games in the industry tailor-fit for the PC Master Race!