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Honkai Impact 3rd: Beyond the Game & Into Anime

Honkai Impact 3rd is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful games ever made both on PC and mobile. It is also one of the rarest cases in online advertising where the commercials look the same in the actual game, and we respect miHoYo, the developer and publisher, a lot for that. While it may be quite overshadowed now because of miHoYo’s other creation, Genshin Impact, it has a lot up its sleeve that keeps its active community tighter than ever: the anime short videos.


Honkai Impact 3rd Shattered Samsara

Image Source: Honkai Impact 3rd Official YouTube Channel

Where Can I Watch These Videos?

You can find all of their anime short videos on Honkai Impact 3rd’s official YouTube channel, which is full of amazing stuff, including in-game guides, podcasts, official soundtracks, and teasers for the newest battlesuits. However, people subscribe to their channel because of the anime.

Normally, you would think the shows may look like generic fan-made Flash animations that you would normally find in Newgrounds, but it goes way more than that. In fact, their anime shorts are among the flashiest and best-looking CGIs ever (eat your heart out, Berserk). Even if you never play the game, the anime will get you hooked with impressive visuals and some of the best voice actors in the anime industry.

Their latest one as of this writing, Shattered Samsara, is arguably their best release yet. Mixed with fully cel-shaded graphics with 2D particles, Shattered Samsara is a great example of how far a free-to-play game can come as long as it is backed by a great community and an amazing cast of developers. The style reminds us of League of Legends but leaning more on the anime style rather than the exaggerated realism of LoL’s short videos.

What Are the Anime Short Videos All About?

It is much easier to explain the context of these videos if you, at least, played the main story mode. Most of these anime shorts are post-stories after you complete a specific chapter. For example, the latest one, Shattered Samsara, “Me and Myself,” which is Chapter XXII.

This isn’t anything new for Honkai Impact 3rd. In fact, the very first major animated video they made was back on July 7, 2018, namely Will of the Herrscher. The story goes where Kiana is injected with foul Honkai cells that turn her into an evil being that wants to destroy the earth.

Moreover, this video is also the most viewed anime video from the game, garnering over more than 52 million views as of this writing! It’s amazing how much miHoYo spends time to deepen the lore of what was supposedly just a simple gacha waifu game. This was when miHoYo created another studio solely for making high-production videos: miHoYo Animations.

Then, it went on to become massively known in the gaming community after the release of the second video: Final Lesson. We won’t spoil anything about this one because you have to see it and experience it for yourself. Moreover, Final Lesson got over more than 3 million views as of this writing. Since then, it has sealed Honkai Impact 3rd as a big-budget anime-style gacha A-RPG.

There’s even a recap of everything that happened so far in the game’s story. Furthermore, it’s a great video if you want to know what is even going on in the game since the story can be quite confusing. You can watch it here: Honkai in a Nutshell.

Honkai Impact 3rd Cooking Valkyries

Source: Honkai Impact 3rd Official YouTube Channel

Beyond the Anime Short Videos

miHoYo even has a small spin-off series called Cooking with the Valkyries. This spinoff is quite wholesome compared to the painfully depressing story of the larger anime shows they produced. It is basically just the valkyries cooking their favorite foods. Oh, and the best part? They’re all alive—and together too! Why can’t the story be like this so everyone is happy? Moreover, it even has two seasons and a rumored 3rd season for 2021.

If the stories don’t make you weep or get hyped, the official soundtracks will. What makes a great anime even better? Awesome music, of course. You can listen to them for free on the official YouTube channel as well.


Since its release in 2016, fans have been demanding a Honkai anime. In 2018, they made it possible with their studio and self-produced videos. And now, Honkai Impact 3rd has one of the biggest gaming communities out there, especially for gacha and free-to-play parties.

Thanks to their passion for the game, including stellar gameplay, characters with unique personalities, a deep and enriching storyline, as well as great combat, Honkai Impact 3rd earned its fans’ loyalty a lot. It may not be the hottest topic right now compared to Genshin Impact, but we sure have plenty of respect for the game and its developers. Here’s to more amazing content, especially the anime.

Get to play Honkai Impact 3rd for free on PC right here. You can also check out our playing guide for more tips on how to play the game.