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Honkai Impact 3rd: Basic Combat Tips & Tricks

As an action role-playing title, Honkai Impact 3rd incorporates real-time beat-em-up combat mechanics. This means that you will attack, react, and strategize as the battle goes on. You will need proper hand-eye coordination to anticipate enemy attacks, and quick reflexes to react against it.

And while consistent practice can improve your effectiveness as a fighter, there are things you need to consider when fighting to save humanity. Here are a few tips and tricks that can give you an advantage against the Honkai forces.

Learn The Combos & Dodge Attacks

Starting Honkai Impact 3rd for the first time will bring you to its tutorial. During that mode, you’ll be shown how basic combat works in regards to attacking, connecting combos, and evading. These may be basic moves but they are fundamental keys to winning a fight.

What the tutorial failed to mention however is that each Valkyrie has its own unique combo moves. Every character is different, and every combo sets the opponent up differently. It’s best to know how their combos connect so your opponent won’t find openings.

It’s also important to time your dodges carefully as this may buy you some time– literally. Timing your dodges a frame before your enemy’s attack connects will activate the Time Fracture feature. During this state, time moves slowly and will give you ample time to initiate a flurry of combos.

Plan Using Ultimate Moves Accordingly

On top of combos and evade functions are Ultimate Skills. These devastating moves can unleash your Valkyrie’s full potential. Each Valkyrie has her own Ultimate skill. Most of them can deal massive damage against hordes, others set them up for a trap. It all depends on which Valkyrie you’re using on-field.

Honkai Impact 3rd Battle

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However, using these skills consume huge amounts of EP. So it’s important to use them sparingly. Try to save them up for tough bosses or as a means to break free from a tight situation. Timing your Ultimate skill right can mean life or death for your soldiers.

Understand Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Enemies have weaknesses, and so do your Valkyries. Like many RPGs, Honkai Impact 3rd has a priority system namely: Mecha, Biologic, and Psychic. These three types have their unique attributes and can overpower one or the other. If you want to know more about them just read the list below:

  • Psychic – Powerful characters that employ the use of Honkai energy as psychic attacks. Some have rare AoE attacks, while others perform devastating single-target photon attacks. Psychics are a menace to Mecha types.
  • Biologic – Well-balanced, all-rounder Valkyries that have versatile skills. These fighters are known to terrorize Psychic enemies.
  • Mecha – Strength is the name of their game, and they are proficient melee fighters. They are especially skilled in the martial arts capable of delivering powerful combos in a fight. Mecha Valkyries are also the bane of Biologic opponents.

It’s integral to take at least one of each type in a battlefield as you’ll never know what kind of enemies will pop up. Teamwork is key in Honkai Impact 3rd, and the synergy your valkyries have with their party mates can increase your chances for victory.

As you prepare to take on the Honkai forces and save the world, be sure to keep these simple tips in mind. Practice your combos and strategize your way to victory as you enter the world of Honkai Impact 3rd free on PC!