How To Play Honkai Impact 3rd: PC Gameplay & Features

Honkai Impact 3 is quite a fun game to play with easy controls and gorgeous graphics. However, the more you play the game, the more you realize that it needs specific mechanics and knowledge to finish a stage with flying colors. Doing so will require some time to do so, but fortunately, we got the crucial tips to help you understand the game better.

Honkaii Impact 3rd Battle ground


Know Your Valkyrie Type

Yes, this is fundamental knowledge, but some players keep whining about why they can’t rush the mecha boss battle with a BIO type Valk. Much like any gacha game, there is a rock paper scissors mechanic here, namely MECH, BIO, and PSY. MECH (blue) is effective against BIO but weak versus PSY.

BIO (yellow) is best used against PSY but is susceptible to MECH. PSY (purple) deals the most damage on MECH but are in danger when facing BIO. And then, there’s Quantum, a particular case against Quantum enemies from the Dirac Sea.

The Right Weapon for the Right Girl

Sure, you can use any gun for Valkyrie Ranger, but do you even know which specific rifle is the most effective for her? Every Valkyrie has its own set of unique types of damage. Some are elemental; others are pure raw damage, while others are plainly for utility. As such, the correct weapon for the correct Valkyrie will earn you big wins and big scores.

Honkai Impact 3rd Combo Kill


Some premade recommended weapons for the Valkyries, but you should read them up to know what you’re dealing with. For example, Magstorm is best for Lightning Empress thanks to its high crit chance and damage, while the Cinder Hawk is best for Phoenix thanks to its bonus fire damage.

Stigmatas are Important

As much as weapons are critical, knowing which stigmata to implement on a Valkyrie is also essential. For example, Valkyrja Pledge is more on attack speed and lightning, so you should find stigmata that focus on improving a Valkyrie’s attack speed and lightning damage. While every Stigmata is useful, you will see the difference in the girls’ performance if you use the right Stigmata sets for them.

Team Leader Bonuses Are Great for The Abyss

If you are farming or want to get through the Abyss as fast as possible, you should know which girl to assign as your Team Leader. Team Leader bonuses can range from higher critical chances to immense maximum elemental damage. Team synergy is essential if you want to clear out waves fast. A good team will always compose of a good tag attack, total damage proc, and utilities.

Honkai Impact 3rd Kill spot


Getting Started Playing Honkai Impact on PC

Playing Honkai Impact on PC is very much possible. The process of installing the game directly on your computer is simple and easy. But what comes next after? How do you get started playing Honkai Impact on your PC after installing it? Let’s discuss it in this section.

After downloading and installing the game on your computer, you need to click the game’s shortcut icon installed on your desktop to start playing the game. Once the game loads up, the first thing you would need to do is to set up the controls. It’s important to remember that you won’t be playing using a touchscreen device, but your computer’s keyboard or/and mouse. So, you will need to adjust them first to play the game properly. The game will also have pre-existing key binds, so unless you are okay with that, it’s best to set it up in a way that you are more comfortable with.


Accessing Honkai Impact Game Controls

To access the game’s control settings, press F1 while you’re playing or click the keyboard icon. Then click the pen icon so you can enter edit mode and replace the pre-existed keys that were bound. Once in edit mode, tap the control to edit its settings or delete it. Do a long tap to be able to drag control and reposition it on the screen. To add a new control, press the + button on the right. To save your new control settings, press the edit button at the bottom right.

You can also add a joystick button, mainly used for character movement like up, down, left, and right. You can also add a button that imitates the swiping motion. Again, you can do this if you’re used to that kind of control. You can even add a button to mimic the tap or tilt you usually do on a mobile. So if you already feel comfortable using mobile controls, you can still set it up on the game.

Honkai Impact hi3 sc2

If you’re not happy with your customization and would like to return everything to the way it was, go to the control settings once again. Click the pen icon to enter Edit mode and click the + button. After that, click RESET and confirm it to return everything to its default settings.

Once you’re comfortable with your controls, you can start playing Honkai Impact. Remember that you can always adjust the game’s controls at any time. So if you’re not comfortable with the current setting, change it until you find what you’re looking for.


Honkai Impact is a fun and exciting game to play, and you can see it in the features that the game offers. To have a better overall experience, playing Honkai Impact with friends a must thing to do. Not only will you be able to play the game on a bigger screen, but you will also have great flexibility when it comes to controls. As you can see from the guide, you can customize it so that you will be comfortable.

And suppose you happen to miss the mobile experience, you can try to play it for free on this site. Plus, you can do many things to customize your own play. With that kind of matter, you can get the best of both worlds without having issues at all! Now you can enjoy the game the game with a mobile device’s controls while playing it on the screen of a PC. How’s that sound?