How To Play Honkai Impact 3rd: PC Gameplay & Features

Honkai Impact 3rd is more than just a simple mobile game and far from the popular idle games in the market. It’s a fully immersive 3D action role-playing title that also deserves a spot on major consoles– particularly the PC platform.

It offers gameplay features and mechanics that are on par with other AAA gaming titles. Moreover, it successfully incorporated mobile game features too. All of this on top of its free-to-play option! If you’re still unconvinced, then let’s go over some of its awesome features.

Epic Real-Time Combat & Engaging Content

Taking a page from the classic action RPG titles of the past, Honkai Impact 3rd combines the stylish combat of Devil May Cry with the beat-em-up mechanics of the Dynasty Warriors series. Battle against powerful hordes of Honkai in epic 3D brawls!

Apart from its combat mechanics, the developers spared no resources in making this game as engaging as possible. You can power-up your valkyries by building bases, level them up faster through quests and dungeon raids. Lastly, you can also engage in epic multiplayer content! Nothing should be keeping you from trying this game out– especially on PC!

Fully-Voiced & Customizable Valkyries

If the game’s remarkable gameplay isn’t enough to reel you in, then maybe this fun fact might keep you interested. Honkai Impact 3rd features fully-voiced playable characters from some of the prominent Japanese VAs like Yukari Tamura from Kill la Kill!

Source: YouTube

In addition, you can also customize your valkyries with powerful battlesuits and beautiful costumes! Battlesuits allow your valkyries to take on different roles in a battle, giving them different stats and skills– on top of smokin’ hot looks! If that’s not enough, then dress them up in unique costumes that you can get via shop or during fun events!

You can also power them up by giving them rare and epic equipment! You can obtain them via the game’s gacha mechanic or during your dungeon grind as enemy drops. Honkai Impact 3rd has the makings of a great AAA RPG game including a compelling story that is unique to every character! So hop on to the Hyperion and join the battle to save humanity now!

Playing The Epic Action Mobile Game on PC

Saving the world is no easy task– you’d want the best experience while doing so. Playing Honkai Impact on PC offers that immersive experience on top of added comfort. You can maximize its stylish combat animations by bumping it to its highest video settings– something only possible in PC.

You can also customize your controls as you see fit as our version of the game gives you full key mapping controls for seamless gameplay! If you want to try Honkai Impact 3rd on PC just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Hit the “Play For Free” icon present on this page.
  2. It will then download an executable file on the bottom left corner of your chrome browser. You can also find it on your rig’s Downloads folder.
  3. Click the file and follow the installation procedure.

Once the installation is finished, you can now command your Valkyries to save the world! For control customizations, you only need to press F1 and hit the pen icon on the bottom right side of your screen. You can then add and edit controls from that menu. But don’t just take our word for it, begin your Honkai Impact journey now by downloading it on your PC!