Fight for Humanity in Honkai Impact 3 Now Available on PC

For centuries, mankind fought against the might of the Honkai – sentient beings bound on the destruction of humans. As the Honkai grows stronger than ever before, their 3rd impact on Earth could be our certain extinction. An organization – called Schiksal – holds responsible for our survival, enter the world of Honkai Impact 3.

To destroy the Honkai menace, they deploy a division of warriors who do not fear death: Valkyries. Armed to the teeth, the Valkyries are the most elite group of soldiers gifted with talents fit for combat and fully-equipped with the best technology.

You are the Captain of the Battleship Hyperion – a massive flying fortress that houses Valkyries. With your tactical knowledge and their gifts on the battlefield, you must stop the Honkai menace once and for all. The fate of humanity rests upon your hands. Honkai Impact 3 is now available to play on PC!

A Gacha Game Like No Other

If you ever played Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, and Final Fantasy XV, then you have a gist of what the Honkai Impact 3 gameplay looks like. And honestly, the game is stellar. Unlike other gacha games where the game does most of the work for you (like firing guns or activating skills), Honkai Impact 3 requires constant engagement with you.

Yes, the rules of gacha apply here but you never feel obligated to keep pulling because most – if not all – Valkyries are attainable through grinding. And in this game, grinding is fun.

AAA-Quality Gameplay

While it may not look the same, Honkai Impact 3 is like Warframe or even Fortnite: top-quality gameplay and presentation that you can play for free. Mobile games always get a bad reputation for cheap thrills and cost-efficient ways for game publishers to maximize money. That was until Honkai Impact 3 came into existence and changed a lot of gamers’ perspectives.

Rich in content, hours of activities to do, fairly-difficult battles, easy UI, stable connections, and, good 360-degree camera controls. If your PC can handle it, you can play the game up to 120 FPS at the highest settings.

An Action RPG That Doesn’t Deceive You With False Ads

Honestly, it’s very annoying how a lot of mobile game ads are misleading. But for Honkai Impact 3, what you see on the ads is what you’ll get: gorgeous graphics, gorgeous combat, and, most of all, gorgeous girls.

Meet the Valkyries

If it isn’t the Honkai, the zombies or the mechs that will kill you, it’s the beauty of each Valkyrie. They are beautiful as they are deadly. Some enlisted to Schiksal for redemption, others for carrying on their family’s pride while some sought a new life.

Kiana, Mei, Bronya, Fu Hua, Himeko, Theresa, Sakura, Kallen, Rita, Roza, Liliya, Seele and a whole support team are dedicated to combatting the Honkai menace. You can even interact with each of them on the main menu bridge. The more you let them stay there, the more they grow fond of you. And, dare I say, you can even poke them anywhere. Just don’t do it too much, though.

Choose Multiple Valkyrie Battlesuits

Instead of the traditional gacha that includes hundreds of characters, Honaki Impact 3 rather focuses on different outfits. However, these outfits do more than just looking good. Every battlesuit includes different powers and gameplay styles. That makes each character worth playing as every battlesuit performs uniquely from one another. For example, Kiana includes the Divine Prayer suit and the Knight Moonbeam suit; the former is a PSY-type that focuses on utility for the team with lots of healing and time stops. Meanwhile, Knight Moonbeam is a BIO-type with a hybrid of ranged attacks and AoE-type damages.

With each character having her special playstyle, the Honkai Impact 3 gameplay always feels refreshing with lots of room for experimentation.

Weeaboos Rejoice

HI3 is perhaps one of the best anime-style games ever made for the free-to-play category. I said “anime-style” because the game was created by a Chinese developer called miHoYo. However, given that they know their target-market of waifu-collecting weeaboos, they went ahead and hired well-known voice actresses such as Rie Kugimiya, Kana Asume, Rie Tanaka, Ayane Sakura, and Yukari Tamura.

As a bonus, the game includes a good mix of jiggle physics and THICCness too.

Come Join a Highly-Active Community!

Honkai Impact 3 houses more than a million fans from around the world! The game spawned in multiple conventions; created its merchandise, and got its spin-off anime called Cooking with Valkyries. Oh, and the game also includes tons of rewards too especially if you participate in surveys or if the servers are down.

Honkai Impact 3: Best With Mouse & Keyboard

Now with the power of the PC, you can get to play the game with full mouse and keyboard controls. Controller support coming soon. So, what are you waiting for? Get into the adrenaline-fueled anime battles of Honkai Impact 3!

Game Features

  • Intense 3rd person Action RPG gameplay and beat-em-up mechanics that are similar to Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Warframe and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
  • All-star cast including the voices of Rie Kugumiya (Gintama, ToraDora), Miyuki Sawashiro (Bakemonogatari), Ayane Sakura (My Hero Academia), and Yukari Tamura (Kill La Kill).
  • Top-quality PC/Console cel-shaded graphics and effects.
  • A deep and enriching storyline that’s good enough to make an anime off on.
  • Lots of customization options for your favorite waifu.

Download & Play Honkai Impact on PC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Honkai Impact 3/3rd Screenshot
Honkai Impact 3/3rd Screenshot

Fight for Humanity in Honkai Impact 3 Now Available on PC